Who was that masked buyer??

Within the past few months I had the fortune of receiving a gift with purchase from ACT, and the web guru, Robin Sagara. ACT is Artist Career Training, and since I had purchased online an e-book, along with this I got a DVD of some of my works along with my revised artist’s statement. Hopefully, you the reader can view it within this post if my computer skills aren’t out of whack this week at least. Didn’t I master “cut and paste” in kindergarten? Fall has never been a good time of the year for me. The sudden drop in temps that signals joy for many as a respite from the sweltering heat only means eternal dread on my part because I can expect the usual tortuous sinus headache which did indeed arrive on schedule on the first of September.Following a diligent regimen of drugs, I am once again ready to go out and conquer the world. Ha! Let’s just say that I am taking solace within the studio in October, working on commissioned paintings, and feeling content with the results of completed projects.


In the first week of this month I attended an artists’ reception at the Sandler Center for the Performing Arts at Town Center. I can say that I was definitely surprised when prior to the live auction of the painted violins, it was announced that my violin had been sold for $1000 US to an undisclosed buyer. It was an overwhelming moment, and I felt content that someone was going to have my work on display and that the local symphony would benefit from the visual tribute to a cherished memory of friendship. Another commission awaits completion following a long awaited vacation in Italy and the Mediterranean. Cannot wait to start the actual packing. Something special in the fall! Maybe my attitude towards this season will change along with it, and I will be that much better for looking at it with a different perspective.

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