To Sleep in the Sun

The ultimate goal for the last day as we returned to Venice was to get some sun. Surprisingly, we discovered that poolside was not going to be the ideal location so that meant that a return was necessary to the sheltered lounge on the penthouse balcony. The only interruption to otherwise bliss was being awakened by a slight tickle of raindrops, which forced me inside. A cafe style lunch of cheeseburger and fries was shared briefly with some of the Perky Perth group members. All I could think of at the time was how I was in the Mediterranean so far from home eating fast food when I could have had so many different options. Oh, well. After all, this was the final day.


We did choose to close out the evening later with a specialty French bistro meal of lobster tails, escargot and duck confit, and Napoleons and creme brulee for dessert. Magnifique! All while we enjoyed the company of new friends at an intimate table underneath a framed Matisse painting. Dancing had been the after-dinner planned activity, yet the nightclub onboard was silent, so we shared goodbye drinks with our Florida and Aussie friends. Baggage was placed outside our door and packing began in preparation for the early morning disembarkation upon our arrival in Venice.

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