The Zane Insane Mission Tour: Day One

I guess it is fitting that I should begin the first unofficial day of Fall with a remembrance of the beginning of the summer. I am fortunate in that I live on the coast and within a region where I can enjoy the warm temps through October. The downside, as we found out recently, is that in the fall, hurricanes are more prevalent, and this year there has been the addition of fire and an unheard of earthquake! Clean up afterwards was aided by the fact that instead of pine trees, my yard has palms, so it didn’t require the amount of time spent loading up bags of debris.


Speaking of palms, I digress! Back to the story… the pre-summer destination for 2011 was St. Maarten, St. Barts, and Anguilla, in the Netherlands Antilles. In planning the trip, our goal was to duplicate the journey to sites that had been mentioned and viewed from a video from the ‘Three Sheets’ TV show with comedian Zane Lamprey, whom we had personally met when he had filmed in our area in 2010. Although we had been to St. Maarten once before, we hadn’t seen too much of it since we were on a cruise and were limited to certain areas of the island. The first question was where to start?


We decided that we would follow the show itinerary as close as possible. That meant that upon landing, and right within walking distance of the SXM airport, our first stop had to be the famed Sunset Beach Bar, where one can watch the landings of the planes, sip on a guavaberry colada, engage in conversations with foreign bartenders, and purchase cool tees. Following the next few hours, we picked up the rental SUV, checked into the resort on Little Bay, unpacked, and got ready to have dinner in Philipsburg on the oceanfront. Surprisingly, since it was the end of the High Season, there weren’t too many dining places open. We decided to visit the renown Guavaberry Emporium for various liqueur tastings, and a later dinner followed at Antoine’s with a localized Caribbean menu. While eating, we planned the exciting Wednesday itinerary to follow with continued exploration of the bars and beaches of the island.

Can’t be there? Pretend you are with the recipe of the day: 
Guava Colada (1 serving)

1 1/4 oz. dark rum
3 oz. guava juice
1 oz. coconut cream

Pour above into blender with one cup of crushed ice. Blend until smooth. Pour into hurricane glass and garnish with edible tropical flowers. Sip and enjoy! Hammock optional.


Art of the for my newest line of Caribbean items


‘Barbados Casa 2’ by Kandy Cross, 2011

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