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“Roosters on Hiatus”

I keep reminding myself that it’s ok not to have every little thing on the daily to-do list checked off. Things will still be waiting tomorrow but first recharge your batteries. Guess the former teacher habits are ingrained and return time and time again.

Recharge Your Batteries

I also have to remember that everyone needs to recharge the batteries, so that canvas will get painted even if it doesn’t happen when expected. The Muses, those crazy girls, get a big kick out of stirring up anxiety from unpredictability.


Of course, even trips to coastal areas for rest and relaxation offer sources of creative inspiration so I am always doing a balancing act between work and play when out of the studio.


This year there have been additional opportunities for visits to Key West and the BVI, in May, and again in November and December. One change that I noticed was the absence of the roosters and baby chicks at places like Blue Heaven. Where were they? I was told by our server that they were on hiatus, that they had temporarily moved to another part of the island, but would return.


So like my feathered friends,

I will also, and the timing will be just fine when I do.

Hey! If you have a chance to recharge your batteries, where would be the first place you would go? Why is it your absolute favorite happy place? Add your comments below. Would love to hear about it.


An overview of what I have worked on this year:   

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Catch ‘ya later!


Soper's Hole ©2016  acrylic on canvas

‘Soper’s Hole’ ©2016
acrylic on canvas

Chicken Soup and Chocolate Squares

Inevitably, along with the first breath of spring, the dreaded cold arrives,

extends its stay a lot longer than planned, and finally leaves taking with it

the aggravating symptoms.  Work in the studio continues along with

opportunities for some business networking within the final week of the month.

The paints , brushes, canvases, and paper are placed alongside of Kleenex boxes

and cough lozenge packages, half-emptied. 

The true remedy (at least for me) is the daily dose of chocolate, which I

am convinced is a necessary component of my diet regimen. No one is more delighted

to hear that dark chocolate is actually healthy, and I believe that chicken soup seems

to make everything better, just like Mama always said .

Another painting from the BVI series awaits photography and uploading,

only recent weather has caused a slight delay in completion of that item on

my t0-do list.  Everyone you run into has that “I am so over winter” expression. The small 

portion of today’s sunlight that filtered briefly through the windows seems to be a

sign that it will be a more frequent visitor soon, if we can just hold out until next

month… just in time for the swift arrival of pollen and ragweed allergy season.

Meanwhile, pass the nasal spray. Thank you.

A portion preview of the latest painting exclusively for blog readers;
rest to come soon in next post

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