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I know… we have all said it before at one time or another. “It was really my intention to…” and it really was my intention to follow through on the promise to myself to keep up with the blog posts on a regular schedule, only somehow that didn’t happen, and here I am scratching my head while wondering where did the time go in the last half of the year? That’s easily answered, only it doesn’t excuse the fact that it went undocumented due to a number of distractions. (It actually sounds “cool” for celebs to say, “I am truly sorry, but…” or  “I was misinformed”… or worse, “it wasn’t my intention to…”or even worse at the time of this post: “I misremembered….” Really?

OK. I am saying it for the rest of us.  I failed. I learned a lesson, and I will try to do much better with my intended commitment. OK? In spite of all of the unexpected things that happened in the first half, the culmination of a lifelong dream of mine did become a reality. I actually watched in total amazement the ongoing construction from September through mid-December of the addition of my Pinterest, Houzz,  and Coastal Living inspired studio! I still am in awe that I got the additional space for creating that I had been waiting for, and I am excited about the new works that will be born here.

I began with a vision board years ago that was viewed daily in the former congested office space, and worked hard to save as much as possible toward my goal. I was reluctant at first to pin stuff on boards that I would dream about having. I even remember writing in a former post that I had enough social media sites, and I would not be adding anymore. Funny how things work out for the best. The boards were born and I found out that I really loved seeing what other pinners (who are probably HGTV remodel junkies like myself) were collecting. It turns out that in discussions with my architect and contractor, it was a lot easier showing them the board pins than trying to explain my ideas, so that was a super plus. Thank you, Pinterest, and Abby Kerr, who introduced me to Pinterest while I was taking one of her courses in Brand Development.  

In Coastal Living Magazine, I found inspiration for the interior wall and floor colors within a photo of a set of wooden steps leading onto a beach. Suddenly it all started coming together with repurposed furniture that was being thrown out which I distressed and made into a window seat with cushions underneath a Plantation shuttered trio of windows. I already had a large architectural drafting table. It was distressed and placed in the corner underneath two panoramic lakefront transom windows and I decided to paint the closet doors incorporating retro beach colors in a striped pattern reminiscent of rustic surfboards or cabanas. My plans are to distress some shuttered doors that will be hinged together to divide my quiet zone from my creative one, and provide more display space for art within the center of the room. Thank you, Candice Olson, for the idea of incorporating zones. Hanging above the light table behind the print bin is a ceiling fan which has been painted to complement the studio wall colors of the sea. A bookcase is located next to wall height canvas bins of varied sizes, and my beach- inspired look is completed with the addition of a Key West palm and a Bird of Paradise on either side of the multi-colored striped window seat. In front of that is a repurposed coffee table and meeting place for clients during a studio visit. 

Do you experience that feeling of anticipation when you watch the remodeling shows on HGTV before they reveal the “after” from the “before”? What is it that makes us love that process of transformation so much so that we can listlessly sit and watch one after another after still another? Is it something about control of the process, or creative curiosity, thrill of the unknown, or a mix of these? I guess these are questions I ask myself when I am away from my easel and exploring other things besides the latest canvas. With some luck and a large dose of inspiration, maybe I will be able to stick with my resolution to produce more frequent posts… or if the revision of this post is any hint of my progress… maybe not.


“I Wouldn’t Want To Be A Fish”

IMG_2878longbay IMG_2886.kcnatureboybar IMG_2912bombashackThe a.m. taxi ride to Long Bay Resort had its moments, especially during the switchbacks, which are the hairpin turns winding throughout the island of Tortola. Once

there, any discomfort is quickly forgotten as one gazes upon one of the most serene and breathtaking beaches within the Caribbean. A leisurely day was on the group agenda on Wednesday

following lunch ( a really large juicy cheeseburger in paradise) at the restaurant and a brief tour of the grounds.  One of the highlights on the beachfront was pelican watching. The acumen 

and accuracy was astounding as you watched these birds target their prey below within the crystalline waters. Another was the discovery behind a large monolith farther down the beach of

the Nature Boy Beach Bar, a delightful makeshift island style bar made of natural sand and rock formations and canopies of spray painted multi-colored palm fronds. Underneath a small 

tent was the island bartender with coolers of iced cans of beer, and another filled with some type of local rum punch. Music from a connected iPhone was played if you purchased a drink; 

if not, it was turned off. Even the sign was innovative, made from a kayak holding a flag from the British Virgin Islands with handwritten advertising. Only in the islands! You could never

have a young entrepreneur like that at home with all of the rules and health regulations.


Of course, a visit to Tortola isn’t complete without a taxi ride to Bomba Shack, where there are no rules. We were too late for the infamous Full Moon Party, so we had happy hour

instead. The interior is literally made up of colorful planks of wood which form a makeshift series of spaces with assorted graffiti added on surfboards and censorable montages of former 

visitors throughout. If the walls could talk, you wouldn’t want to hear those stories.


Naps and showers prefaced our ” formal” evening out for dinner at Bananakeet, which had been recommended in Cane Garden Bay. The quiet dining crowd, low-key music,

and dinner of lamb, mixed veggies, potatoes, shared wine, and dessert were a nice contrast to the previous hours. The location and view from the mountaintop was both serene and sublime.

We ended the evening there talking to a couple celebrating their first few days of wedded bliss with a local islander on the dance floor. Sandman, our singing taxi driver who shared our love of

the music of Keb Mo’, returned us to Myett’s for a nightcap before the trek to our rooms.


Thursday was again laid-back with sun-stroked hours spent on the beach at Cane Garden Bay in front of Tony’s and back to Myett’s for happy hour and Island Special: 

mouth watering lobster dinner prior to ending the evening briefly at Quito’s bar for a final nightcap. Plans were discussed for the next day (and our last) snorkel and sail excursion to the 

Norman Islands and the Indians.

“No see-ums, Sunglasses, Booze ’til Six…”

6:45 was the wake-up time onboard for Good Friday. A delicious bagel breakfast with tea or coffee prefaced the anchorage practice among the crew on the way to Trellis Bay, our next destination. Although it might not appeal to all, I was pleasantly surprised to find an artists’ colony, Aragorn Art Studios, with resident potters and unique wares sharing space with smaller gift and coffee shops, and marketplace. We replenished our staples, and it was there that we found out that the sale of alcohol on Good Friday was prohibited on the island until after 6 p.m.  Continue reading

Falling Up the Stairs

I awake to a view of incredible scenery, and watch with interest as rough, crystalline seas along the bay have garnered avid surfers in one corner while below there are waves referred to as “rollers” that approach our dinghy dock with ferocity, skipping along the battered pier, then when reaching an opening between planks, spew wildly like a bubbling geyser in places, then subsiding. Continue reading

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