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“Roosters on Hiatus”

I keep reminding myself that it’s ok not to have every little thing on the daily to-do list checked off. Things will still be waiting tomorrow but first recharge your batteries. Guess the former teacher habits are ingrained and return time and time again.

Recharge Your Batteries

I also have to remember that everyone needs to recharge the batteries, so that canvas will get painted even if it doesn’t happen when expected. The Muses, those crazy girls, get a big kick out of stirring up anxiety from unpredictability.


Of course, even trips to coastal areas for rest and relaxation offer sources of creative inspiration so I am always doing a balancing act between work and play when out of the studio.


This year there have been additional opportunities for visits to Key West and the BVI, in May, and again in November and December. One change that I noticed was the absence of the roosters and baby chicks at places like Blue Heaven. Where were they? I was told by our server that they were on hiatus, that they had temporarily moved to another part of the island, but would return.


So like my feathered friends,

I will also, and the timing will be just fine when I do.

Hey! If you have a chance to recharge your batteries, where would be the first place you would go? Why is it your absolute favorite happy place? Add your comments below. Would love to hear about it.


An overview of what I have worked on this year:   

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Catch ‘ya later!


Soper's Hole ©2016  acrylic on canvas

‘Soper’s Hole’ ©2016
acrylic on canvas

‘You Had Me at Renoir”

343px-A_Girl_with_a_Watering_CanRecently, I was thinking about the first painting that I saw as a small child. It was inside the pages of a larger volume set of books that had been ordered for the family. I barely recall sitting upon the floor with the excitement and awe of opening a Christmas present. I thought then that this was the most interesting image I had yet seen, comparable I guess to today’s child with his first iPad screen in front of him, or the way we all felt the first time Steve Jobs introduced us to the latest version of the most recent Apple gadget. 

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“Hibernation and Creation”

Well, one of my New Year’s resolutions was to blog more frequently, and here it is:  


The last day of the first month in 2013, and I am just now getting to a new post.  My other resolutions, such as the usual exercise routine, blah, blah, blah, hasn’t worked to my advantage either, but I can “justify” it with all kind of excuses. Only one makes any sense to me, and that is “it’s so hard to fit it into my schedule.” The other is the fave of the lizard brain: ” tomorrow is another day.” The lizard will win out on this one but I am promising myself that I will somehow balance the studio time with the rest of life…um, yeah, starting next month.


At least this month has been all about art. I was able to visit the Chihuly exhibit in nearby Richmond while visiting friends and family in mid-month, and during the week days, I have been swamped with commissions for home originals, so that is good. The lizard whispered that all he wanted to do was curl up and hibernate with the snugglies ( a pet name for my pet studio assistants.) I ignored the call and got up, dressed, and showed up anyway, which makes for a much happier camper.


Prior to writing this, I saw stats that informed me that over a thousand spam comments had been averted from appearing on my post pages.  That’s another thing that is probably a curse for the artist: the temptation to be socially plugged in. Is it going to kill me or make me stronger if I miss a day checking my Facebook news feed, Twitter tweets, (does that make me a bad tweep?), etc., etc, etc. (Yes, I have that many connection sites but I refuse to get involved with Instagram or Pinterest.) Hey, people… I need some time for me, and I am going to find it… starting tomorrow.


p.s. Even this post is repeating itself, and I cannot delete it… does that mean it’s time to call it a day? I think so.

The snugglies, my studio assistants


A sample residential original by Kandy Cross 2012 all rights reserved









Hey, people, I need some time for me, and I am going to find it… starting tomorrow.

‘Rescued by the Muses’

I haven’t written for quite awhile because it has been a difficult period since the last post.  November is always the time to reflect upon gratitude, and when I am grieving, I find that those moments suggest clarity, and I am once again able to move on, not quickly with confidence, but with baby steps, one foot awkwardly in front of the other, falling down, then gradually getting back up on my feet.

 I won’t bore the reader with a personal gratitude list. There are thousands on the web to read of those.  I am, however, grateful for the presence of the muses, who I tend to picture in my mind as a mischievous group, who derive enjoyment from playing with me just to see if I am indeed focused and paying attention. Oh, let’s fix it so the computer won’t work today. Well, that worked yesterday, so we’ll see how she handles a week of tech support calls about her printer. Hmmm. What next so we can see what makes her sweat? LOL.

Once again, they are defeated. The universe aligns its course and the collectors reappear to keep me occupied with the work I love to do. The days are filled with studio activity and the waves of sadness create a low tide where I can function. The painting becomes therapeutic as multiple commissions are completed and delivered. The pain of losing close friends is buried underneath the surface for the present. There are tons of projects waiting. Why is it so difficult to start the next one? Why do my hands seem to hesitate drawing the next line? Why is it necessary to ask myself these questions?

I miss them because they were my mentors as well as my friends. They were there to support , inform, question, and advise me on this journey of my dreams. They shared the highs and lows, and comforted me when needed. Their presence within my life filled my weeks with joy and shared humor. The void is felt within the circle yet life continues as if they were still here with us. The ending of the year will hopefully provide closure.

‘Sunset Dream’ 2012 12×16″ Kandy Cross




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