“So This Is Where the Magic Happens…”

In the aftermath of the unspeakable horror of the recent shooting at the Connecticut elementary school, I, like so many others, am seeking the comfort of the holiday spent with family and friends.  The yards of gift wrap are strewn throughout, the music that is usually non-secular becomes more traditional in lyrics that soothe and bring to mind happier thoughts of Christmases past, and the disorganized chaotic studio space becomes a storage house for more than easel, brushes, and paints. For now, it serves as a reminder of one of the goals for the New Year: make some kind of attempt at organizing this mess.

The title of the post was something one of my collectors actually said when entering my work space. My next dream is to have my own Woman’s Cave on an upper level so that I can have room for the huge drawing table that is being stored elsewhere since it won’t fit into the room where I work now. I envision one side of the studio with a wall of glass to allow lots of light, plenty of wall space to display my future “babies”, room for my large desk and easel, beach-like wooden floors, wall length desk height areas for working , and wall to ceiling bookcases along with tall divided wooden storage areas for canvases in progress. 

A shabby chic sorta Key West interior would be the style that I want to use within my private studio. This year I have become a true Houzz fan, and have started my online ideabook when I see any other artist studios that give me ideas for my own. I would love it if I could get some other suggestions as to how to design it from those artists who have done so, interior designers who love to talk about design, or anyone else who has a flair for planning out spaces. Oh. I just remembered. I also need an office space there with a plush, funky sofa near my desk for my clients when they visit. It will be a happy place that will uplift my spirits just like my paintings, and I look forward to the year in the future where I will be typing my blog on my computer upstairs within my cave.

As I write this, the Mayan prediction of the ending of the present world has not occurred, so I am looking into 2013 with a sense of renewed optimism. I also want to look back upon this year as one of continued growth, and express a personal thank you to my mentors, who have taken me a few more steps higher on the ladder of small business success: ( you girls rock!) Monica Lee, of Smart Creative Women, Kelly Rae Roberts, my ” flight pilot,” Marie Forleo, and Maria Brophy, of MariaBrophy.com. And to those who have supported my talents and have contributed to my mission of ridding the world of cancer in all forms, I wish to say that I appreciate you more than I can ever express in words. I hope that all of your dreams come true and that the holidays are filled with laughter and love.

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