“Skin of the Iguana”

view of White Bay beach

view of White Bay beach

Loved the shell mon!

Loved the shell mon!

The plan on Monday was to take the ferry over to Virgin Gorda, where there was a local type of carnival. Since we didn’t see much evidence of this in the earlier part of the day,

we decided to continue with Plan A, and revisit The Top of the Baths, a brief taxi ride away. Following lunch, two of the group decided to visit the Baths, while the others spent time within 

the gift shops and around the small pool for a few luxuriating hours. Next on the itinerary was a return trip on the ferry to Road Town , where we started happy hour with painkillers at Pusser’s

along with more drinks at the bar at Village Cay Marina. Before long, we realized it was time to return to Cane Garden Bay, and Myett’s, where we feasted on baby back ribs with tamarind sauce,

mixed veggies, and garlic mashers. The day’s activities in hot sun resulted in an early turn-in for the group on a quiet holiday evening.


Tuesday morning welcomed us with the continuous beauty and activity around Cane Garden Bay. We decided to change the mode of transportation for our next destination,

Jost Van Dyke, which can be seen nearby from this area of Tortola. The local boat rental place had set us up with a speedboat over to Foxy’s harbor, which is the inspiration for one of my

recent paintings. A tip: follow the bartender’s advice when he tells you that Foxy’s Firewater Rum, also identified on the menu of drinks as the Dread Fox, has a way of sneaking up on you.

Another taxi ride away was Soggy Dollar Bay at White Bay. We were surprised as we entered the rear pathway by voices asking if we were from Virginia Beach. It turned out that guests from

a weekend wedding on Necker Island were from home. The next several hours were spent limin’ on the beach and two of us visited Ivan’s Bar, which was located on top of the stairs leading 

to the left of the beach. The ride back with Dwight and Jason was fast and fun as we skirted the waves with a blaring background of reggae and Michael Jackson classics. Myett’s happy hour

was once again calling us ashore, where we spent many hours with too few appetizers and continuous painkillers for the rest of the night.  Needless to say, evening became morning before

we realized it, and the trip up the stairs and morning after was a prime example of the bite of the Dread Fox.


Below (center) is the latest painting from the BVI series. To see this original as well as the print options available, stop in at the website here.

You can also see the recent added beach gift items for the coastal living lover on the home page above. Click on “Special Stuff Shop” in the upper right 

corner to go to the VI “Vee” shop. Join my summer Stomp It Out Campaign to end cancer with a purchase of Foxy’s Flip Flops. Proceeds from sales 

will go toward research for a cure. Thanks!


Fresh from the easel… the completed painting preview by Kandy Cross

Fresh from the easel…
the completed painting
preview by Kandy Cross

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