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Ah, yes… the arrival of spring. When not spending time at the easel, I find myself involved in areas of self and home improvement. Since I have been working from a home studio again, I have become addicted to watching HGTV during my scheduled lunch break during week days. There is something about seeing a room makeover that stirs my adrenalin, especially when I watch my namesake guru, Candice Olson sketching her design for the client, running around town looking for inspiration sources, and then making the final design appear from a myriad of colors, textures, and lighting. It reminds me of pre-Apple days in my childhood when I could not wait to turn the page in my book to see Cinderella and the charming prince evolving from an ash-covered, undiscovered waif. Yes, it was easy to fall for the transformation thing then as well as even now.


Guess it sort of reminds me also of the same kind of transformation from the blank canvas to the finished one, and the point when as an artist, you think, “I am done.” Michelangelo said it best: “Ancora, s’imparo.” “I am still learning.” I have always wanted to continue learning something new, and I am constantly seeking out various paths for exploration.

After five years or so of waiting, the time has at last come for the remodel of the master bath. I have selected tiles, faucets, shower glass, etc., and have spent tons of hours online and on the phone with manufacturers, and finally the moments of demolition are growing closer, and the adrenalin surge is similar to when the paint is squeezed out onto the palette as preparation for the birth of another canvas painting. I will share the results in a (hopefully, soon!) future blog post.


Along with the remodel, I also decided at the first of the year, that I needed to take more time out of my weekly schedule for me, so I took time to get a long awaited massage. It’s a ritual that I must admit I do not practice as often as I should, but I am getting better at realizing when I need to rest and renew.


In business, I also scheduled a free web summit, the Right-Brained Business Summit 2012 with Jenn Lee, author of” The Right Brained Business Plan.” It has been so interesting to hear from Jenn and a multitude of speakers during the peak hours of my afternoons. If you read this post during the week of the fifth through the ninth, you can still catch it along with the right-side global simultaneous chat. You can also chat with me as well. I am there under the chat name: medartist. It has been all I can do to keep my right brain from erasing easel time with the renewal, yet the left brain seems to have won out this time. (I tend to get uneasy when I cannot paint due to the scheduling of other things but I constantly remind myself that this is good for me. Painting time can still be worked into the daily schedule.)


Funny how some things work together. I picked up the newspaper this morning and read that one of the HGTV stars, Sabrina Soto, would be appearing locally at the Mid-Atlantic Home Show. Great! Perfect timing for some design tips and info following a different kind of painting prior to next weekend.


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Photos above: top to bottom: winter foliage from Key West; center: view from my home office; bottom: Blue Heaven, Key West original on collector’s guest bedroom wall which was designed with inspiration from the painting

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