On Mayan Time

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like this first month of 2012 has gone by much too quickly?


The ending holiday of last year was spent in the Florida Keys, one of my favorite destinations in the U.S., and combined both business as well as pleasure. Luckily, it was warm enough to get some longed for beach time during the day, as well as time to venture out to some old haunts, such as Pepe’s and Blue Heaven. The problem always remains the same with vacations: just as you begin to know where to go and how to get back “home”, wherever that temporary haven may be, it becomes time to pack up again and return to routine. One thing I can always count on, however, is adventure.


Would like to have had that sign in the classroom when I was teaching!


Key lime pie for breakfast? Why not?


This time I returned to flat water fishing for a second time around and again felt a sense of pride in (almost) catching a fifty-pound kingfish, and being a part of the group who provided dinner for ten that evening at the Half Shell. (“Me, woman, me fish, me bring dinner….)


January began with a touch of reality for the creative side: an invitation to show in the local Art Insti- tute of Virginia Beach Second Anniversary Show at Town Center along with a distinguished group of local artists. I had been working on the beginning of a series of acrylic canvases so I decided to submit these along with a larger watercolor so that both of the media with which I am working would be represented.


Since the year has come that I used to tell my Art History students about ( that at that time seemed so far away), the Mayan Ending Year, I probably should work to create more canvases, only then it be- comes a matter of storage, which is a problem that I might encounter, so I compensate by scheduling as much anti-Seasonal Affective Disorder time as can be allotted with blocks of this year being filled with more activities marked off my Bucket List. Suitcase has once again been brought down from the attic, the TravelSmith packing list has been retrieved, and suntan oil supply replenished. Should be a good year.


Just hoping I can keep up with it.



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