No one knows the answer…

Complete serenity.  Two words that described that Wednesday morning. Following a delicious breakfast buffet at the hotel, we headed out into a very warm yet hazy day with luggage in tow and a brief taxi ride into town. I found it interesting that even though St. Thomas is part of the U.S. Virgin Islands, they drive on the left versus the right side, as in the States.

With luggage held until departure, we did some gift shopping within the shops across from the ferry terminal. An hour or so later, we boarded the fifty minute fast ferry to Tortola, and decided to soak up the sun while sightseeing and listening to Kenny Chesney music at the top. First, the breathtaking scenery of St. John, followed by the hillside retreats of Tortola, made the trip by ferry pleasant as well as memorable. Upon arrival at Road Town, we encountered a slight snafu with the Customs Nazi. We had been given the proper forms to fill out ahead of time, only we were missing one of the white ones. She brusquely told us that we would have to return to the boat to ask for another one, only “they”didn’t have any, so we told her, and then she muttered some- thing incomprehensible about her day as she went to the back and came back up to her desk with a copy of the necessary form. Luckily for us, there hadn’t been too many passengers that afternoon because she directed us to get out of line, fill out the form, and then return again to the end. This time when we got back up in front of her, she stamped the forms, and we proceeded to the metal detector and luggage check-through.

Our taxi driver, Mitch, and his reggae friend who identified himself as Shadow, told us about the island roads as we took the pins and curves ( and I do mean curves) to our destination and home base: Cane Garden Bay. We were met at the Lighthouse Villas by Mrs. Bean, our proprietor, who picked up some of our luggage and easily carried them up a series of steep steps to the top of a paved hill, and then up three more flights of stairs to reach our penthouse suite on the third floor. Stunning views of the beach and moored boats below beckoned us to quickly unpack and get out and explore CGB. The restaurant below along the dinghy dock was the perfect place for sight- seeing and relaxing before returning that afternoon to Road Town and Pusser’s. We had a true painkiller, only our bartender and manager said that they couldn’t tell us the secret ingredients within the mix that made them more cream-like. After a few drinks, we were joined by Paul and Trish, from Mayport, Florida, who along with friends, had come into the bar from their boat. During a slight shower, we returned to CGB with Mitch and Shadow, then went on the beach to Myett’s for an evening dinner of local lobster tails, mahi, and music. At that point, I had decided that I really liked our home away from home.

If you could describe your ideal getaway place, what would it be like? Answer in the comments below.

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