Murano, Burano, Samantha Brown Style

Since I had visited Venice before, this trip I decided that today’s itinerary would include visits to the islands of Burano, Murano, and Mazzorbo. The hotel, in cooperation with a local glass factory in Murano, provided us with a courtesy water taxi there, and we were a bit surprised that we were by ourselves for the ride.


We were greeted like celebs and were given a personalized tour of the Murano glass blowing, an art that requires an apprenticeship of twenty years. For the right price, with no limit to expense, you could even commission a sliding stainless steel door panel customized with an inset of glass. Within that moment, I imagined having my own painted images recreated on a shower door from there… Next, after some shopping, I met the “We Suck to Be Us” group of American female travelers from California, Alaska, and Indiana, respectively. We missed our stop, which turned out to be fortuitous, since we had wanted to visit the island of Mazzorbo, which is separated from the others by a small bridge that you could walk over to get to the others.


We looked for the trattoria, Il Gato Nero, (The Black Cat), which had been mentioned in Tripadvisor only they were already closed for pranzo (lunch). Plan B was dining and sketching at Riva Rosa Ristorante along the quaint streets of multicolored Burano. We were told that the reason the houses are painted in different colors was as a guide for the fishermen to easily locate their homes.

We said goodbyes to our newfound friends following shared photos, then enjoyed the ride to Piazza San Marco with a trio of female students from Fairfield University, who were living and studying in Florence. After disembarking, we had pre-dinner drinks at a local bar within the labyrinth of Venetian calle, or narrow alleyways, where we met a lively group of Aussies from Perth. This time we were introduced to spritz with Aperol, which turned out to be the perfect evening cocktail. After finding our restaurant, the highlight of the evening was my conversation with a Roman traveler in Italian who was dining next to us without escape. We shared our ride back to the hotel with three couples, who were talking among themselves. Tomorrow we would be saying our goodbyes to Venice and boarding our ship for our Mediterranean adventure.


Recipe for Scorpino for 2 
  •  4 oz. vodka
  • 4 oz. cream
  • 4 oz. Cointreau
  • 2 scoops lemon gelato
Blend above in blender and serve. Must savor!

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