Mortified in Marigot

On vacation, no one likes to see the final day arrive because you know that the time is limited before leaving for the airport and the flight back to the frigid climate that sent you here in the first place. The group decided today would be action-packed as much as possible, so we packed the luggage quickly, then left our place at Little Bay for Marigot, the French side capital city of St. Martin. We stopped at a corner cafe and ordered breakfast crepes from the menu.


All was well until I committed a giant faux pas when the food arrived: I asked for ketchup to go along with my fries! Since I had lived and painted in southern France in the ’90’s, you would think that just maybe I would have remembered that I should not do that, but no, the word came out of my American mouth without hesitation. The minute I heard myself saying it, I knew that I would be in for a lecture from the chef, and sure enough, the waiter questioned me as to whether I had tried the potatoes without putting something on them.  I ate my breakfast without it, and left quickly when finished.


A visit to a local art gallery and marketplace followed before our reluctant return of the rental car on our way to the airport. Once through security, we had enough time to have a few rum jumbies prior to the plane’s departure as we made a pact to return again around the same time next year.

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