Missions Accomplished

We decided to return to the border again at Oyster Pond on St. Martin to have breakfast at a quaint, charming hotel restaurant, Na Na.The morning sun and quiet along with the natural beauty surrounded us while we awaited our meal, which was prepared by two ladies within a small outdoor kitchen located beside a patio with only a few tables and chairs. The next mission on the itinerary was to return to the French surfing school at Le Galion Beach where two of our group would have a standup paddle board surfing lesson with Michel, one of the twenty-something instructors. Following the lesson, we ventured onward to some beach time at L’Orient where we had at our service, Jose, who provided us with buckets of Carib along with mudslides whenever we summoned him.

While sunbathing, beach vendors, Charmaine and Anne, brought by selections of tee tops, beach bags that converted into beach towels, and handmade local bracelets. Usually I have found these vendors to be a bit pushy and bothersome, as along the beaches of Mexico, Jamaica, and the Bahamas, but in St. Martin, their wares were specialized rather than tacky, overpriced, and appearing to have been made elsewhere than local. Also, it was refreshing not to be accosted every five minutes by someone asking to braid your hair. Sometimes you actually had to call out to them to approach you for a definite sale.


Lunch was available at the famed Andy and Cheryl’s where one can dine beside of topless naturists who have come up from the clothing optional beaches located nearby. When we returned later in the afternoon to our home base at Little Bay on the Dutch side, we decided to try out some of the amenities on the hotel resort property. I met a Brazilian couple from Montreal in the hot tub, and the others introduced me to a couple from Burlington, Canada, who joined us for dinner and karaoke once more at Topper’s, where we closed out our Sunday evening with new friends.


Libation recipe of the day: Mudslide

  • 1 fl. oz. Kahlua
  • 1 fl. oz. Bailey’s
  • 1fl. oz. vodka
  • double cream ice


Fill highball glass with ice. Pour over KBV from above ingredients. Top with double cream. Stir and serve. More like a dessert than an island cocktail!

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