Meatballs for Breakfast

Saturday began with breakfast in the Art Deco dining area of the Lido: assorted danishes, pastries, American scrambled eggs, Italian sausage links, hot tea, cold cereals, cappucino, pancetta, and appertivi with varied fruits. Delicioso! We met Texans Roger and Diane who agreed to share the cost of the final water shuttle to the terminal where we would board our ships, the Gem, and Costa Lines, respectively.


Prior to our departure from the hotel, we walked to the city piazza where we called our Italian friend in Rome, Stefania, who was excited to hear from us. On board the ship at the terminal, we followed the customary cruise check-in and mandatory drills, then enjoyed a poolside barbecue of pork ribs, chicken, and cauldrons of Chinese style fried rice. There was a Perth group sighting and shared drinks with them at the Bali Bar on the upper deck.


The departure took us by the campanile, Piazza San Marco, Basilica of St. Mark’s, the Bridge of Sighs, and the Palazzo Ducale. The stunning Venetian sunset was accompanied by a magical recorded serenade of the Sarah Brightman/ Andrea Bocelli duet of Con Te Partiro, which had moved me to tears years ago as as sat outside under the stars in the Piazza San Marco. Following the arrival of our luggage back within our suite, we started our tour of the ship’s layout, and followed that with a late dinner in the Italian restaurant La Cucina.


Post-dinner activities included some duty-free shopping before figuring out the quickest route to our penthouse where we fell quickly into slumber like two beached whales, rocked comfortably by the waves of the glittering Mediterranean night seas.


Current side note:

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