May and the Invasion of Lady Bugs

With a small break from time in the studio this month, I had a chance to take a weekend getaway to Ocracoke, which is only about two hours away. The sun was finally out for a few days with no hints of pending rain. Topo, my exuberant and playful Wheaten terrier, was excited to be included this time, as we had planned pet-friendly accommodations. We were pleasantly surprised by our room. We knew it would be on the first floor, but we did not expect the amenities and cleanliness since we were traveling with a pet and two bikes.


So, I highly recommend The Anchorage Inn and Marina if you are searching for a picturesque view as well as interesting neighbors. We had been to the island quite a few times within the past decade, but we have been discovering new activities each time we visit. With Topo in tow, we boarded a Carolina skiff and proceeded to a self-guided, gremlin-infested (my term since childhood for mosquitos) as well as vacant Portsmouth island tour with time to walk the quiet, pristine beach while on the quest for the perfect and largest whole sand dollar. The goal was met successfully, netting one giant one, and four smaller ones, only the bounty became pieces only of treasure by the end of the afternoon while trying to get them back to Ocracoke. Since then, another weekend and one glorious day on our beach, which is minutes away by car from home. Ahhh, once again, the sand and salt spray, the rows of eager young surfers awaiting that perfect wave in a cooler sea, a mostly locals group of avid beachgoers, the sounds of Margaritaville from the Iphone, the feel of stretched canvas blue beach chairs, and total blissful napping in the sun without interruption…not!


This was the first time there was a rapid invasion of lots of smaller invaders; not the usual August sand flies, but tiny attacking lady bugs lighting everywhere. Where was the solace, serenity?? It actually became quite comical until they would get stuck onto various areas of suntan-oiled skin, and one was forced into swat patrols. If this was a preview of more of these days to come, I believe I will select some alternative activities for the summer that will not be accompanied by either lady bugs or flesh-craving gremlins.

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