Livin’ La Dolce Vita…or Close to It: Yes, Virginia, there really is a Santa…

My Christmas has come early this year, and the two largest goals for 2009 have become a reality! There must really be some truth to the laws of attraction because I have seen it actually played out in my life! The secret is not really that, but how to apply it with the right mental attitude. No, I don’t profess to be a spiritual guru, although I know that that is also an essential ingredient. My goals going into the year were these: to launch myself into licensing, and to have the greatest wish on my wishlist: my own studio. ¬†Those words are pasted onto my vision board (the last three), and as of tomorrow, this present will be officially “opened” but not without a lot of elbow grease and visionary decorating magic. I don’t think I can ever remember being so excited about new beginnings. Before, it was always something to dread, only now I can truly experience the wonder of Christmas as I might have as a small child.


So now I move to a new location, both here on my new blog page in the cyberworld and in my real world as well. I hope that if you have just stumbled upon my new blog home that you will continue to come back, sit down, stay awhile, and chat with me about stuff. In the old neighborhood we discussed my memories of trips over the big pond, food, wine, and I introduced my devoted drawing board companion, Topo, an energetic two and a half year old Wheaten terrier with a penchant for chasing shadows and butterflies. Hopefully you can continue this journey with us as we enter another year. My mantra is from Marie Dressler: ‘it’s not how old you are, but how you are old.” I plan to leave when my time is up having no regrets and seeing as many places on my bucket list as I have listed while placing many of my “children” in adopted homes around the world. Welcome to the journey rather than destination! I look forward to us sharing the roads together. Happy holidays, everyone!

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