Karen’s Cause

As you can see from previous posts, I missed writing in the last month. If I could, I would erase some of it, since I lost a very close friend in July. I have been thinking about this blog post, only I couldn’t figure out how to write it since I have tried not to think about the resulting periods of grief. I have always had some greater mission in the back of my mind rather than merely personal achievement and artistic recognition. Since my own battle with the Big C almost five years ago, I have experienced insight and growth. Karen’s diagnosis came after mine. We shared our thoughts and updates about nutrition, treatments, the care and feeding of pets (after all, she was also my sister-in- dog), the elation of spending time with her first grandchild, and dozens of travel itineraries. Weekends were almost always scheduled together and prefaced for many years by Wednesday evening margaritas. Throughout the fight, she remained upbeat and so positive. Her attitude was affirming. She would often describe the next step, and say, “this is what we need to do next” with an air of assurance and classic grace.


When I lost her on Independence Day I knew then that my mission had been clearly defined for me. I had the opportunity shortly thereafter to participate in a fundraiser of Painted Violins for the local symphony, and I decided that I would paint a violin in loving memory of Karen. The surface at this time has been gessoed and sanded, and awaits the artist’s brushstrokes. The result will be shared with- in an upcoming blog post.

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