You… want something to relieve you from the anxiety in your hectic life, only you aren’t quite sure what that is. You just know that it definitely assures you that you will feel better.


You… love coastal living and travel to these places on your wish list. You want to relive those memories.


You… would love to go barefoot with your toes in warm sand all year long if it was possible.


You… consider yourself to be a discriminating shopper. You look for something different that grabs you in a certain way.


You… appreciate quality in style, technical expertise, and presentation.


You… look for alternative options for shopping for art other than in galleries, at outdoor art fests, and in large chain stores. You are attracted to innovation.


You… prefer shopping online. You seek to eliminate the stress and inconveniences of mall fatigue, gift pickup, and parking spot searches.


You… expect integrity and excellence in customer service and follow through. You hate having to resort to online chat support as a means of getting answers to your questions.


You… want to be a part of changing the world for the better. You believe in making a difference.


Sound familiar?


If this describes you, you are in the “Feels Right Place”. Great meeting you! Feel free to share with your coastal lovin’ friends. Chat with the artist at the blog. C’mon back from time to time. We’ll have a virtual and visual painkiller waiting for ‘ya.