“Heart Notes”

I feel as if I have completely lost the first quarter of my business year. Did the calendar genie touch the pages of January-March and switch the days into Fast Mode?

My intention had been to follow my goals for the year with one word: consistency. I think that the muses were too busy thinking of new ways to combine Carnevale and St. Paddys and forgot me entirely until they knew I would again be available for creativity duty. (Reporting now, sir.) I guess I am still learning that when life throws you some detours you have to treat it like dogs do: kick dirt over the poop, and move on, as a recent Facebook postĀ directed.

February this year was definitely related to the heart, as my Best Friend went through open heart surgery the day before Valentine’s Day. He actually did receive a gold aorta following a lengthy nine hour period of invasive surgery. When he awoke from the anesthesia, he said that the first thing he heard was the song that I had introduced to him to calm his pre-surgery anxiety, which was Pharrell Williams’ “Happy.” During his recovery, hearing that music always made him smile, and grateful to have a new heart.

Now is the time for Spring focus and working on the consistent tasks while returning to the easel and the euphoric unknown. Lots of ideas for new paintings which have been on hold can be started again, and if the brutal winter ever decides to leave, as I am sure it will, warm weather will bring creative surprises, and that means feeling happier, too.

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