Halls of Fame

Recent months have provided me as an artist with a few surprises outside of the studio. Those muses, bless their hearts, are continuing to test me in every turn of this journey within the art world, and who would’ve guessed that I would be fortunate enough to actually meet some fave TV celebs: Zane Lamprey and Steve McKenna, from “Three Sheets”. Outside of the studio during the Memorial Day weekend, I was able to view the filming of an upcoming segment featuring Virginia Beach’s own Waterman’s restaurant. I couldn’t help but ponder later just how fame can engulf those who claim it, and how, as everyone knows, celebrities are also people just like us, only some think that they deserve a much higher status. (It was really refreshing to meet two guys who seem to handle their fame by being friendly and genuine with their fans.)


It is also amazing how the role of social media has catapulted everyday people into the lenses of the paparazzi so quickly. I was taken back by a response from one of my collectors. When shown the photos of us with Zane, he said, “they just did not realize who they were also meeting!” Local fame? Yes, I believe I’ll take it just as it is…a little fish near a big sea.

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