Hair-pin Curve Assistance

Left the ship this morning following lobster and scallop brioche breakfast which left my insides feeling a bit unstable. Rain was in the local forecast for Corfu, yet in spite of the weather, we had a very pleasant experience during our 4×4 excursion onshore. The local Koum Kuat liqueurs and wines were favorable, and we enjoyed spending time with fellow travelers from Boston. I was quite surprised when as we passed in our jeeps, local road workers shouted hello and in English, welcomes.


Following a light lunch at Blue Lagoon onboard ship again, we demo’ed our cappucino machine that was a part of of our suite, since it was too chilly on the upper decks to be outdoors. I took a break for a few hours and worked on my sketchbook for Sketchbook Project 2011. A dinner mix-up at the Asian restaurant on the ship delayed our reservation, yet resulted in a delightful later evening spent shogun style with new French friends, Bruno and Agnes, and their son, David, and daughter Helene. I enjoyed practicing my elementary French while they attempted their English. We also found out through introductions that my husband shared the same name as the children’s father.

Back at the room, we checked on the iPad to see our puppy and his brother, who were awake within their crates, instead of sleeping. Tomorrow would be the long-awaited port of Santorini, and a day without a scheduled shore excursion, which meant more sleep for me… yea!

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