Feelin’ Free and c’est la vie…

Breakfast was cabana-style in St. Maarten along the harborfront at Philipsburg at the Ocean Hotel. The plan for today was to catch the local ferry to St. Barth, where it was our mission to locate Baz Bar, made famous for its visits by musicians from the States, such as Jimmy Buffett, who had recently performed there.


Upon arrival at the docks following our forty-five minute boat ride atop the ferry, we disembarked and made our way to Nikki Beach, spending an hour or so on the sand while watching the beachgoers and a small puppy nearby. Some boutique shopping followed along with lunch at a local French bistro. The highlight of the afternoon was our conversation with Jean-Charles, the twenty-something bartender at the beachside bar Free.

Following happy hour cocktails, the next stop via taxi was a return to the main port where we asked for directions to Baz Bar, which was centrally located along the main harbor. We arrived prior to the later afternoon opening, but were allowed to have some drinks inside while the personnel there set up the furniture for the evening. We knew this was the best we could get because we were limited to only a few hours before we would have to catch the six p.m. ferry back to SXM.


Upon our return to St. Maarten, we decided to return that evening to the French side for dinner, which had been scheduled with a group of ten other tourists from home. The Blue Martini had been a suggestion from a local reggae singer, Dread I ,who had told us on the beach earlier in the week that he would be playing there in Grand Case on Friday night. It turned out that the restaurant was not too far from the beach side cafe we had visited previously, The Calmos Cafe, home of the infamous roof top rum. We joined our group of friends around eight that evening who were already dancing along with the reggae. Dinner was served at wooden picnic tables and some of these were covered with Moroccan patterned canopies within an open-air courtyard. Plans were discussed over drinks and dinner for the next travel day to the island of Anguilla.


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