Falling Up the Stairs

I awake to a view of incredible scenery, and watch with interest as rough, crystalline seas along the bay have garnered avid surfers in one corner while below there are waves referred to as “rollers” that approach our dinghy dock with ferocity, skipping along the battered pier, then when reaching an opening between planks, spew wildly like a bubbling geyser in places, then subsiding. The entertainment the evening before had been a sighting of several large sea rays gliding underneath the then calm waters surrounding Sailor’s Rest, which was already being adopted as a favorite haunt. When I glanced at the breakfast menu and saw “bacon explosion omelette” as an item choice, I knew then that was the universe’s way of confirming that this was becoming my kind of place. “They” serve bacon with abandon, orange slices as delicious accents for meals, and the preferred beverage is a painkiller! All I could think of was I am in love!! When does the happy feet dance begin?? Of course, breakfast would not be complete without an island johnny cake, which turned out to be the best on the beach.


The decision was made to check out more of the places along the beach, do some shopping in the gift shop in Myett’s, and then, some limin’ on the Bay beach within a true artist’s paradise until time later in the afternoon for the taxi pickup to Soper’s Hole and the West End Fast Ferry terminal where we would be meeting up with friends who were arriving there along with their skipper. We had been invited to sail to Jost Van Dyke with this crew of three aboard the Holo Holo, a pristine forty-five foot catamaran. The name means “going cruising” in Hawaiian.
The captain acquainted us with the daily rituals of boat life and everyone settled easily into our roles as crew members. I wasn’t quite sure what I was supposed to do, so I became the observer and part-time photographer. By evening, the first destination was Foxy’s Taboo for appetizers and light dinner before the return several hours later to the cat for a delightful, peaceful evening of acapella Buffett tunes being the only noise within the surrounding community of sleeping boaters.

We were told by some savvy Californians that we met
in St. Thomas not to miss the rum at this distillery in Tortola.
Myett’s on the beachfront, Cane Garden Bay
Ah! A true #4 painkiller at Pussers. Don’t get over served !
Sailor’s Rest: our happy breakfast spot 
Foxy’s Taboo 
The surrounding sublime scenery from the ride around Tortola

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