Caution… March madness

Normally during this month of the year I am caught up in the excitement of March Madness since I have always been an avid tifoso, or fan of the sport of basketball. One of my ex-pat blogger friends in Florence writes about her enthusiastic adventures following her team this year, and I can relate because I have the same fascination, only it isn’t the same sport. Hers is what Europeans call football, or soccer, as it is known here in the States. The madness of marketing our new Art Space artists’ colony also continues and it gives me pleasure watching the newest studios join our established neighborhood. I smile when I hear the welcoming comments from visitors discovering us for the first time. Just like the planted seed within a new garden, the growth of our new business ventures has begun.

Mother Nature has even started her Spring Tease with a few sporadic days of hit or miss hints of the approaching comfort of warmer temps. I have even said that I have developed this year a new appreciation for the 60’s! In the midst of all of this, creativity is evident. I have found since my move a totally different style evolving in my work and it has been fun exploring a difference in media as well. There is also a new found freedom within a larger space where I am no longer isolated and claustrophobic. New paths are also being laid out before me, and I am no longer frightened by saying “yes” to out of the box possibility. The muses continue to toy with me, yet I feel compelled to follow their creative guidance. OK, girls, bring on your best A game.

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