Beaches, bars, and lobsters: Day 3

The day’s itinerary was to return to a part of the island where we had once visited before on our first journey to St. Maarten. This had been an enjoyable shore excursion offered by a cruise line years ago to Pinel Isle, which is located on the northern side of the island, and is reached by being included in a mass of bodies within small wooden boats on a short ride to the island.


Aside from some key areas where we would bask in the sun on the beach, we had some of the local places on our list for food and libations: The Yellow Beach Bar, where I enjoyed refreshing caipirinhas, and Le Karibuni, where we had lunch. One of the sights that I had looked forward to was to be able to watch the local men bringing in the spiny lobsters within the cages so that eager clientele could choose which one of these would be their next meal. The other was to see up close and personal live iguanas. The second was unexpected as I was coming back into the restaurant along a small narrowed pathway from an outdoor restroom. I wasn’t even sure what crossed my feet, until it had scurried underneath the colorful nearby foliage. An even larger member of the same species was caught sunbathing along an outer wall. He didn’t act as if he was fazed in the least by passing onlookers since he was ideally camouflaged by his surroundings.

The evening activities had been so enjoyable at Simpson Bay the evening before that the group vote was to return again for a second night of karaoke after dinner at Lee’s, a local seafood restaurant nearby. Our visit tomorrow would be to St. Barths, so plans were made for coming back into Philipsburg the next morning to secure our tickets for the ferry.


Libation recipe for the day:   Kiwi and Lime Caipirinha

Note:  Caipirinha is the favorite cocktail of Brazil

  • 1 lime
  • 1 kiwi
  • 1 oz. Ypioca Ouro Cachaca
  • ice cubes
  • sugar

Cut out skins of fruit and cut into smaller pieces. Put fruit into glass; mix with sugar. Muddle contents. Add ice and Cachaca. Oo la la!


Got those tropical warm and fuzzies? Enjoy a reminder with art from these websites: Kandy’s website & Visual Interludes online store


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