Be Careful What You Wish For…

Yes, I remember when I was teaching that teachers were anticipating the arrival of a snow day with the enthusiasm of their students. Mind you, this was added anxiety in winter when you lived in an oceanfront city where there was no snow nor had there been with the exception of an extremely rare eighties blizzard. That alone was unheard of for this region and the only stories of snowfall were those of the news in larger cities in the North or mid-West.

I seem to remember writing previous posts about shows and snow only a little later in the winter. This year has been one for the record books even though we haven’t had anything near the paralysis of areas blasted in the North. The arrival of yet another forecast of snow is greeted now with chagrin rather than delight since I have to trudge out to hours within the studio where there are no snow days. The quiet and solace of painting while occasionally being interrupted is a comfort however while I am in my new studio and I am enjoying the foreign surroundings of our artists’ neighborhood that is being created.

We want to recreate the ambiance of la passeggiata, or the evening stroll through Italian streets with shoppers and a sense of community accompanied by music and talk of the day’s activities, much like the same type of event I have often experienced within the piazze of Rome, Venice, Florence, or Taormina. We hope that this can be accomplished through the arts with visual as well as performing arts in the heart of downtown. Can art save the disengaged soulless travesty that has overcome us in this age of oversaturated technological connection? We can only hope that the formation of such will bring us back to the sense of unity, respect, and compassion, and a direct connection once more to our souls. To visit our space online, go to Facebook and look for Art Space at Pembroke Mall link. Hope to see you around the neighborhood.

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