Artists! 5 Essential Goals for Art Success

Artists! 5 essential goals for art success in 2011 : A new year backside kicking list.


A huge thank you goes out to artonomy for the kick -me -in -the-butt list /reminder in my e-mail today. The last two months of 2010 zoomed by so quickly that I can hardly believe that it is already past New Year’s. I made a decision to close my gallery in mid-December, which meant that I would have to return to the isolation within my home studio. Since it is shared, I can only use it during the day for studio time, but that seems to be working so far since I have had some artist friends volunteer their spaces for meeting with clients, etc. If I had to look back on the lessons learned from the year there, I believe the old adage still comes to mind: location, location, location… The irony is that the economic downturn didn’t help either only I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to have been there had it not been the way it was!


The title of this post should also be “Epilogue for the New Year”, as the first month has had some surprises. If you read the October 2010 post about the painted violin I did in memory of my friend that I lost to cancer last summer, you will discover that the mystery was partially revealed. The buyer sent a note and package to her husband recently, and when the box was opened, inside was the violin with a handwritten note that said that its rightful place was with him. Oddly enough, her daughter said that the handwriting greatly resembled her mother’s.

Now it’s time to continue the to-do list with attention to two commissioned paintings, and of course, the five-item list that still consists of the same things that loomed ahead of me last year that I didn’t quite have enough time to get to. This year’s resolution will be to follow the Nike rule, and “just do it”, or maybe I can contract the services of some eager available elves to do some of it for me. Stay tuned for progress.


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