A Concert Tour, but with Sketchbooks


Time to go on tour for the annual gig… no, I am not a musician or American Idol wannnabe, but I am an artist with a different tour to announce. I am one of many who will be participating in the American cities tour of the Sketchbook Project 2011, originating in Brooklyn, New York, at the Brooklyn Art Library. You can go to the link above to get more information or save the date and location nearest you here: Brooklyn, 2/18-27; Austin, TX, Austin Museum of Art, March 3-12; Portland, Maine, Space Gallery, March 30- April 2; Atlanta, GA, The Granite Room, April 8-9; Washington, D.C., Transformer Gallery, April 11-30; Seattle, Washington, Form and Space Atelier, June 10-12; San Francisco, 111 Minna Gallery, June 18; Winter Park, Florida, Full Sail University, June 29-31; and Chicago, Illinois, Hyde Park Art Center, July 14-17.

After the tour, the sketchbooks will become a part of the permanent collection at the Brooklyn Art Library. If you are looking for moi, I will be listed under Med Artist, and my theme is “you’d be home by now.” These are the companion sketches that I completed while traveling to Italy, Croatia, and the Greek Isles last fall. I will be following up with the blog posts about this latest trip within the next few months, so stay tuned, or uh, linked, or…well, you know.  Photo above, yours truly, sketching in Burano

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